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Our Students

Caroline (Caro) Kilga
Caro was our first exchange student, becoming a part of our family in the '89/'90 school year. She was a junior, since she was just 15 when she arrived. Caro returned in June of '93 for a 3-week visit.

Caro with her father, mother, aunt and uncle, and our Cindy.

Line Hansen
Line made her home with us during the '91/'92 school year - a member of the Prairie Valley senior class. We called her our "party girl" - a very outgoing and social person. Line has come back to visit twice since her departure as an exchange student.

Line Jane (Buh) in her Norwegian coat.

Carin Swanstrom
Our home was Carin's home during the '94/'95 school year. She had many friends and participated in numerous extra-curricular activities at Prairie Valley High school. She was a senior. Carin made the varsity cheerleading squad and was a straight-A student.

Taken about 1 year after returning
home to Sweden.

Simon Donaldson
Simon lived with us from August '96 until January '97. He was a senior in high school. He had a part in the fall musical "Annie Get Your Gun" and enjoyed singing and playing the guitar.
Simon Donaldson with his father, mother, and sister.
Mary and Ron       Visit to Iowa - July 1998

Thyago Furquim
Thyago arrived at our home in August 1999, then moved to Des Moines in December. He attended Prairie Valley High School in Gowrie as a senior. In Des Moines he attended Dowling Catholic High School. While in our home Thyago was a polite and considerate young man. We enjoyed learning about him and his family, and a little about the Brazilian culture.

Thyago's typical, smiley mood.
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