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Kodak Digital Camera
For anyone in the market for a digital camera, of which there are a multitude of models and features available to consider, the pictures below are examples of the quality of images taken with a Kodak EasyShare Z740 model, 5 megapixel, 10X optical zoom. You can read a review and check the features of this model by clicking here.

It is an extremely simple camera to operate and is moderately priced. By today's standards it would probably be considered a "mid-range" model as regards capability, price and image quality.

See examples below of some of the shots taken with this unit. As is obvious, the photogragher (me, Ron) likes to take pictures of nature scenes and flowers.
An old barn in a state of disrepair
Herd of buffalo
Bird of paradise plant in bloom
Flowering tree against a pretty, blue sky
Clematis vines in full bloom
Storm clouds on the horizon
Colorful, fallen autumn leaves
A hummingbird moth feeding on a petunia
Note the clarity of the bubbles
Raindrops on red lillies
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